SOLD OUT - Lake Country Music in the Park

Swalwell Park, 10090 Bottom Wood Lake Road, Lake Country, BC

SOLD OUT - 2 shows. One starting at 6:30 and one starting at 8:30pm. Tickets are free but you have to register to see the show.

We are excited about the Covid-19 restrictions on outdoor gatherings slowly opening up this summer and we are looking forward to offering a series of live concerts again in the parks. The audience size is LIMITED to 50 people at this time. So we'd like to test the online activity registration system for LIVE! in Lake Country summer concerts starting with Sabrina Weeks performing two intimate shows at Swalwel Park on Saturday, June 12th. Both shows are one hour long and you can choose to REGISTER to attend the 6:30pm show or the 8:30pm show.

Note: While you may come to the park early for the 6:30pm concert, we ask that you kindly depart before 8:00pm so the 50 people registered to attend the 8:30pm show may arrive and set up their lawn chairs and blankets on the grass in front of the stage. Thanks for your extra consideration for others attending, so we can continue to offer outdoor entertainment opportunities for our community.