1. Sunday

From the recording Got My Eye On You

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Sunday - C

It’s Monday morning and I’ve lost my keys
I’m sportin’ new hose with a run in the knee
Tuesday’s full. I have meetings all day
Wednesday I’m in the no parking parade
Thursday I’m packin’ & Friday we bolt
It’s my son’s hockey tourney so we go, go go

But Sunday, Sunday that’s my day
I need just one day to let the chaos fade away
It’s run, baby, run 6 days a week
But Sunday is made for me


Monday the boss sees me sneaking in late
Tuesday I’m part of an office debate
Wednesday was tense’; Thursday was worse
Friday I thought I was going to burst
Next I’m surprised when the in-laws arrive
They’ve got me booked up ‘till Saturday night


Monday I can’t find a matched pair of socks
Tuesday the car is going into the shop
Humpday – not as fun as it sounds
Thursday I’m following the chocolate around
Friday I spent the whole day on the phone
So my Saturday plans had to be postponed.

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