1. Moving Forward

From the recording Got My Eye On You

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Moving Forward
Written by Bill White, Eric Lentz

Up before dawn; the house is so still
I look for motivation; it’s a test of my will
Take a look outside; it’s cold and it’s wet
Why do I do this?
Sometimes I forget.

I take a deep breath; head for the door
I start moving slowly; I’m already sore
I stop by the road; I need a drink
Why do I do this?
Sometimes I can’t think.

Keep moving forward step by step
Keep taking life in one breath by breath
Sometime’s this feels all too absurd
But know if I fall, I’m still moving forward.

Out here on the road; just asphalt and dirt
My heart is racing; my everything hurts
Something kicks in; I have to admit
Why do I do this?
Sometimes I won’t quit.