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Mike Speaks. Sabrina Speaks. Our Favorite Gigs Ever

Mike Speaks: The Holiday Inn and Silly Pranks

Thinking about my favorite gig there was a lot to consider.  There are different kinds of gigs such as a club gig (typically 3 to 6 nights), one nighters, touring gigs (either…

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Mike Speaks. Sabrina Speaks: Our Worst Gigs

MIke's Worst Gig: The Welland House 

When we decided to write about our worst gig this week, I had to do a lot of thinking.  I have played all across Canada, the USA, and many other countries. I have played…

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Mike Speaks. Sabrina Speaks: Road Stories

Mike Speaks: Steamer's First Tour

Steamer was the name of our band. We got the name from a character in the 1975 movie “Walking Tall Part 2”.  The character’s name was “Steamer Riley”. Steamer started in Kamloops, BC and became…

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