From the recording Got My Eye On You

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Burn that Boogie
(4 bars)
Well me and the Boys
We like to get down
We’re the only Blues Band tonight in this town
So hold on tight
We’re gonna fire it up
Ask the pretty ladies to fill up your cup
So turn up the lights
Count it in right
We’re gonna raise the roof on this joint tonight

Burn that Boogie
Burn that Boogie
Play some Boogie Woogie
Burn that Boogie
Get up on your feet and party with us all night long

(4 bars)
There’s girls on the floor
Some guy’s on a chair
5 frat’s in the back chugging beer on a dare
The temperature’s up
Inhibitions are down
The whole place is calling for another round
They dance in the aisles
They dance on their seats
I can see through the window, they’re dancing in the streets

Solo X2

Guitars are ringing
Sax is blowing his best
The drummer is playing like a man possessed
It’s 3:25
Last call was at 1:00
We can’t stop the boogie it’s too damn fun
They might shut us down
They might cut us off
But Tomorrow we just pick up where we left off

Chorus X2