From the recording Got My Eye On You

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Swing Cat Bounce
Written by Sabrina Weeks, Mike Hilliard and Jack Lavin

Hey kitty kitty,
I wanna Swing Cat Bounce

(Hook Line)
Steppin high and mighty spry
Got that twinkle in your eye
Flip your tail before you pounce
Oh, I wanna SCB

(Hook Line)
Get some swagger in your stride
I love it when our tails collide
You get more tiger by the ounce
When you do the SCB

Bridge: I got a little secret, one that’s overdue.
I'd give up 8 of my 9 lives to do the SCB with you

Spinning like an acrobat
A high-class kitty and an old tom cat
Excuse me if I mispronounce
But I really need a Cat Swing Pounce

Solo X2
Bridge: Swing sway and then sashay-Under a yellow moon.
This kitty cat is hopin’ that she could SCB with you.

Leap into the black of night
Snatch a pigeon in mid-flight
Listen here-I must announce
You just can't beat a good SCB

(Hook Line)
Kitty Kitty, Come out and play
The sun is setting; It’s the end of day
Smooth your whiskers, shake and flounce
Come on; I wanna swing
Oh I need to swing
Ya, Let’s do the Swing Cat Bounce