From the recording Tales from Lenny's Diner

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Fingers in my Pockets - A

(Vamp – 4 bars guitar)
12b Intro

Vs: 1 12b
If I had a penny in my pocket for every time I craved romance X2
I’d have 100 lbs of copper pulling down my pants

Vs: 2 12b
If I had a quarter in my wallet for every brush with Mr.Wrong X2
I could pay for us to fly first class from Vancouver to Hong Kong

Chorus: 8b
All I got fingers in my pockets
All I got is wishes in my purse
Miles and miles of broken hearts behind me
Those tender lips were nothin’ but a curse

Solo: 12b

Vs: 3 12b
If I had a loonie in my change purse for every creep I’ve wrongly kissed X2
I could melt down all those golden coins and build a statue of Elvis

Chorus: 8b

Vs: 4 20b
If I had a twonie in my hand bag for every time I had the blues X2
I could pay for us to party for at least a year or two
End – 3x Tag with stop and vocal improve at the end and then groove.