1. Bad Boys

From the recording Tales from Lenny's Diner

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That’s How Bad Boys Keep Your Heart - E

Out with the boys on a Monday
He’s got a case of Labatt’s .
Said he’d be comin’ back
Around ten;
he’s with friends;
and he’ll be comin’ home
when the hockey game ends.
But not 10, 2am;
when he creeps into bed
with every excuse known to men
once again.
But I wake to a latte and breakfast tarts
And that’s how bad boys keep your heart

Waiting alone at the Whitespot
Got a glass of merlot;
He gave me tickets to go to a show
With a note that said “I’ll meet you for grub
then we’ll check out David Gogo”
But he’s slow
and I know I’ve already drank five too many merlot
I think it’s time; I should go
But he shows up with roses from Wal-Mart
And that’s how bad boys keep your heart

And he said
I’m so sorry, honey
I know it isn’t fun at all
I know I should’ve just called ya
I promise I can change
One chance is all it’ll take
He flashes me those baby blues
And I just come unglued

It’s five after five on a Friday
I made a chicken stew.
Set the table for two
me and you and Sky Blue;
wanted to watch some dirty pay per view
Until you came through
with a whole damn slew
of the guys that work on your crew
You were completely ‘Plazooed’
But you came home packin’ a new Cuisinart
And that’s how bad boys
And that’s how bad boys keep your heart.
How they keep your heart
With Cuisinarts, and breakfast tarts
and roses from Walmart