1. Detour

From the recording Tales from Lenny's Diner

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Firm grips
Wanderin’ fingertips
Crimson lights on the dashboard
Hands tied
A leather bench ride
dead-end and an old Ford

Smooth lips
Seedy hotel trips
Exit through the backdoor
You spin your wheels
Tealights and chamomile
I bite my lip as your engine roars

But I can’t travel down this road
I see the signs and I know your road is closed

I’m holding on
And I am standing strong
Your control over me was just a detour
I’m Movin’ on
Now that my fear is gone
Nothing’s gonna stand in my way.

Fast hips
Smudges of lipstick
Shattered glass in the driveway
Grinding gears
False words and falling tears
Smirnoff haze on a Tuesday

The taste of your lips, the sound of your voice
I still crave you
Your smell, your smile, vodka and Corduroy
I do still love you
The sting of your words, a bruise on my face
I will forgive you
But I won’t sit back and let you hurt me anymore
Cause I don’t need you.