1. All That Love

From the recording Tales from Lenny's Diner

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All That Love

Intro: 4b

Vs: 1
All that Love
Hiding just behind the smile
that caught my eye so long ago
A smile that melts away the cold
I just wonder how there’s room for all that love

Vs: 2
All that love
Hiding just behind those eyes
that I can stare into all night
Eyes that hold my soul so tight
I just wonder how he came by all that love

And when he gives love
I can’t believe it’s all for me
It’s a mystery
This never endin

VS: 3
All that love
Any fool could see exactly
what it is I need to do
And I’m looking forward to
Spending a lifetime taking care of all that love
All that love

Solo: 16b

Vs: 3
Vamp Out