1. Wrath of Mom

From the recording Tales from Lenny's Diner

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Wrath of Mom

Intro: 8b

One of those days again
I know you know what I mean
When every moment of the day is spent
Re-cleaning what had just been cleaned
Every time I turn around
I find a new disaster
No matter how quick I react
I could have been there faster

I feel my patience wearing thin
I feel a rage overload on the gage within
I fear I’ll blow and then the world’s gonna know
To fear the wrath of mom.

Intro: 8b

My youngest child eight
He thinks he’s a jedi knight
My eldest is fourteen
A dark side socialite
With light sabers ablaze
The house becomes the zone
They disrupt my universe
While I’m talking on the telephone.


Well, there seems to be a conspiracy
To drive me completely insane
You know the funny thing is
that I’ve been a teetering
On the edge of exploding
And today might be the day

Intro: 8b

So, boy, you go clean your room
And girl get your homework done
I’ll use the force to maneuver you
Disobey, you’ll feel the wrath of mom
I’ll bring peace to the galaxy
Gain control of my space
Hear the silence of an open room
See the smile on my face

Ch: X2
Vamp out