1. Mr. Regret

From the recording Mr. Regret

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Mr. Regret

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This song is a swampy bouncy bluesy song about looking for love in all the wrong places. It features the harmonica playing for the amazing Sherman Tank Doucette.


Mr. Regret
I’ve been searching for the man of my dreams
One who’s a blend of New York and New Orleans
I want a tall dark man who doesn’t mind my bitchin’
He’s a stud in the sack and a cook in the kitchen
I find a man like this, I could fall in love (stop)

I’ve been prayin’ for my Mr. Right
A man who folds laundry and does the dishes each night
I want a man with a house, a car and a pension
A man who don’t need no sports intervention
I find a man like this, I could fall in love.

Bridge: But instead of Mr. Wonderful
I keep finding Mr.Regret
Mr. has no job, Mr. Shows up late
Mr. leaves me with all his debt.

I’ve been hunting for my soul mate
One who finds me sexy at any weight
I want a man who’s butch who still cries at movies
But can kiss my lips and make my head feel woozy
I find a man like this, I could fall in love.

Solo 2X

Bridge: But instead of Mr. Curl-My-Toes
I keep finding Mr. Regret
Mr. Premature, Mr. Lies to me
Mr. Wish that I could just forget.

Verse 1  End 3X tag