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Thinking of You

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A fun jazzy track featuring the amazing guitar work of Lee Hutchinson.


Thinking of You

I was flying down the freeway
I left this big city behind
Made my way across the grasslands
Hopin’ to find some peace of mind
Twenty hours of yellow lines. It’s a quarter to two.
I can’t stop thinking about those little things you do
And now rolling down this highway
Has got me thinking of you.

The Midwest is always windy
Thought it might blow my blues away
Caught the current to Sin City
But lost my haul by end of day
But as hard as I try to get you out of my head
You’re the first thing that I think of when I roll out of bed
Now staring through this windshield
Has got me Thinking of you.

It was raining on the west coast
So I turned myself around
Drove on through to New York City
It was always your favorite town
I found you in that café
With those sweet eclairs
Funny, I don’t feel the need to travel anywhere
There’s nothing like the real thing
There’s nothing like the real thing
There’s nothing like the real thing
When I’m thinking of you