One foggy day in hell

I don't know why but the saying ‘It’ll be a foggy day in hell before that’ll happen’ popped into my head just after I opened the page to write today. I believe that there is no such thing as an accident so I typed it as the title.

So, what exactly does that saying mean?  I remember it being used a lot growing up and it seemed to imply that something would never happen... like 'hell' would never get foggy.  So, my question is "How do you know that hell never gets foggy?" 

The concept of hell is an interesting one.  Is it a physical place with fire and burning and torture or is hell more of a metaphor for what happens right here on earth during some of those really shitty times?  I’ve heard it argued both ways depending on religious beliefs.  Who am I to say who is right or wrong? 

For me, it would seem logical that hell would be a metaphor used to describe a time when the voice inside our heads, the part of ourselves that is self defeating, self destructive, cruel and unloving,  the voice that can never, ever be happy or content… It’s when this part of ourselves (the ego) won’t shut the fuck  up… pardon my French.   And for me, a foggy head most certainly comes with a day in hell.  It’s that lingering, persistent fog in the mind that perpetuates those self defeating thoughts and makes it so difficult to see your way back to contentment and love.  So, personally, I have experienced many a foggy days in hell so now I wonder how many of those scenarios mentioned as part of hearing that phrase as a child actually happened.

This line of thought is a little odd I realize but it's what was on my mind.  :) Have a wonderful day.

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